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Terms of use

As its name suggests, the Dohjidai gallery's management policy keyword is “contemporary”.
Whether you are an artist or a spectator, the most pronounced modernity is a better means of expression for you, beyond purely technical considerations - because it is undeniable that there are some which are not of a contemporary nature. However, if the message conveyed by the work as a whole has a contemporary character and reflects a contemporary history, experience, point of view, then the genre of expression, the medium, the technology used, the age or the genre of the artist etc. do not matter.


◆Usage fee
  1. A:Gallery : ¥198,000 (including Tax)
  2. B:Gallery Bis : ¥132,000 (including Tax)
  3. *Gallery Bis A,B usage plan : ¥82,500 (including Tax) each
  4. C:Collage plus: ¥66,000 (including Tax)

【About discount】

※Applicable to A Gallery :
・Seasonal discount: January, June, August, September rentals are 15% off regular price

※Applicable to A Gallery and B Gallery Bis :
・Student solo exhibition discount: 20% off of regular price
・When using for 2 weeks: 10% off from the total amount for 2 weeks (In case of A, neither can be used in combination with seasonal discount)

◆Application, payment

Please provide an overview of the content of the exhibition and of the reference works (previous works).

※We will keep the documents / works for the time to examine them. After examination, they will either be returned to you directly at the gallery, or returned by post against cash on delivery.

※By submitting the documents, it is possible to temporarily set an option for the desired time slot in the reservation calendar.

Please pay the application fee (A, B, C ¥ 30,000 each) after reviewing the documents. Please pay the balance of the usage fee and the DM shipping fee at least one month before the exhibition period. Please pay by cash or transfer at the gallery.

1.Period of exhibition

Tuesday-Sunday (6 days)

※If Monday is a national holiday: Monday to Sunday (7 days)

2.Usage time


※Until 17:00 on the last day

3.Hanging / Taking down

Hanging 19: 00-22: 00 (last Sunday)
Taking down 17: 00-19: 00 (last day)

※In principle, we do not accept the sending of works.
However, if you live far from Kyoto or abroad, please have them delivered to us between 16:00 and 18:00. Be sure to let us know the size and number of packages to be received at least a week before delivery.

4.Management of your works during the exhibition

We pay particular attention to the works on display, but the user is responsible for their management during the exhibition period. In the unlikely event that accidental damage occurs, we cannot be held responsible.

5.Sales commission

The Dohjidai Gallery takes a commission of 20% of the price on each sale of artwork made during the exhibition.

6.Guide / DM / Flyer

The graphic design creation of the front side of the flyers is your responsibility. Logo, access plan or address data are of course essential at least on the back.
Please send us 150 copies 6 weeks in advance for installation in the gallery. If you would like to send your flyer to museums, art galleries, news organizations, art professionals and institutions, please provide us with 300 copies. Usually, around 200 copies are sent by post and 100 copies are displayed on the gallery flyer display. A separate shipping cost of ¥ 11,000 including Tax will be charged.

7.Cancellation / Penalty

The application fee will not be refunded. In the case of cancellation due to the convenience of the user, in principle, the half of the usage fee will be charged. In the case of cancellation due to the convenience of the user after 6 months before the session, in principle, the full amount of the usage fee will be charged. . In addition, it is not possible for the user to change the schedule after payment of the application fee and the chosen time slot option validated.

8.Opening party (held optional)

Please fill in the scheduled date and time on the application form. The opening hours can be extended to 20:00 only on party days.
In addition, long desks, tables, chairs, etc. can be rented, so please contact us if you wish to use them.

※You can also order catering from B1F Indépendants café. A form is at your disposal.

9.Information for press kit

Please send the information for a press kit [Title / Exhibition contents / Writer profile / Work image / Writer image (optional)] by e-mail at least 3 months in advance.
Please write the text directly in the email.

  1. Please refrain your visitors offers you flowers and leave them at the gallery.
  2. Be sure to let us know in advance if you want to use background music or any type of sound design when presenting video works with audio.
  3. There will be background noise during the GEAR theatrical performances which are held upstairs above the gallery.
  4. If you move the movable partitions, be sure to let us know in advance what installation plan you have come up with.
  5. Smoking is prohibited in the gallery, in the building and around the building.

Dohjidai Gallery floor maps

ギャラリービス AB使用プラン見取り図

Precautions regarding hanging / taking down / exhibition

From 19:00 on the Sunday before the session
  1. There is no private car park, so please come by public transport or use one of the nearby car parks.
  2. If you bring your artwork by car or truck, you can only stop next to the building (alongside Miyuki Town Shop) while unloading. Please move your car immediately after unloading.

※Please note that you may be banned from the gallery if you leave the car parked alongside the building during the hanging / taking down work.

  1. Your luggage and works may be mistaken for those from the previous exhibition, so please do not leave them without authorization, before gallery staff invites you to do so.
  2. Please bring your work from the main entrance of the building on the Sanjo-dori side or from the rear entrance of the building on the Gokomachi-dori side.

※Please do not make loud noises such as nailing / drilling during the GEAR theater performances (around 19:30).

  1. Please be sure to finish all the work by 22:00.
  2. Nails, screws, pins and tacks can be used on exhibition walls (the textured parts).
    * Nails and screws cannot be used on certain walls (plaster walls, concrete walls) and ceilings. → Please consult the plans.
  3. * Nails and screws that can be used are mainly those provided by the gallery. →Please consult the equipment list.
    If you want to use other nails or screws, please check their compliance in advance.
  4. Never use worn or bent nails. Please also return those in this condition to our staff without returning them to the toolbox.
  5. Use masking tape or wire to mark the walls. * It is absolutely forbidden to mark the surface of the wall directly with a pencil or a pen.
  6. To protect the wall surface, the use of double-sided tape, adhesive tape and adhesive rubber is prohibited. Only masking tape can be used.
  7. Please bring your own packaging as much as possible. * Works not exhibited cannot be stored in the gallery.
  8. There are movable partitions in the gallery.
    If you would like to use them, please submit your "partition installation project" at least one week before the hanging date. Also, be sure to bring several assistants on the day of the hanging. Please do this under the supervision of gallery staff.
Lighting and electrical equipment
  1. There are spotlights and fluorescent lamps for lighting.
  2. They are used by fixing them on the rails fixed to the ceiling. It is possible to use different light intensities for each area separated by the ceiling beams. * The light intensity of the Collage + gallery is uniform throughout the room.
  3. Check with gallery staff for location of switches.
  4. About the position of the fixing rails → Please check Lighting / Electric ceiling equipment.
Taking down
Starts at 17:00 on the last day of the session
  1. Please clean up and carry out immediately after the exhibition. Please remove the nails, screws, pins, etc. that have been struck on the wall. The staff will fill the holes.
  2. If you would like to ship your work directly from the gallery when you take it down on the final day, please contact the staff in advance. We only accept cash on delivery. (The shipping company is basically Yamato Transport)
  3. Please be sure to fill in the "Product Name" column of the form. * If there is no entry, shipping is not possible.
  4. Yamato Transport's shipping date differs depending on whether the pickup is on Sunday or the following Tuesday. Please note that it may be difficult to deliver as specified on the arrival date and time depending on the shipping date and shipping status.
  5. Please note that we are not responsible for any accidents such as damage or theft of your works during shipping.
  6. When you have finished cleaning up and carrying out your work, please make sure that you have nothing left behind and leave the room as soon as possible.

* If you have forgotten a luggage, please come to the office for confirmation.

  1. If you have any waste to throw away, please hand it over to staff. If staff feel that they cannot be accommodated by the gallery, be sure to take them with you.

In addition, detailed materials regarding use (sales precautions, catering, exhibition recordings, etc.) are available. Please contact us if necessary.

For reservations, please feel free to contact us by phone or Contact (inquiry form).


Inquiries / Reservations