Motion Studies Dissected

アリ・サロモン Ari Salomon

場所: コラージュプリュス
会期: 2020-09-21(月) ~ 2020-09-27(日)
時間: 12:00〜19:00(最終日18:00迄)


*KYOTOGRAPHIE Satellite Exhibition


In the series Motion Studies, I make abstract street photos using a slow shutter speed while moving the camera. Sometimes there are other kinds of motion – I am on a train or the subject itself is moving. Usually exposed at night, these are all found lighting situations printed with minimal digital manipulations. I take many exposures, experimenting with subtleties and dramas, hunting for how a certain flick of the wrist divulges new information or lengthening an exposure step by step for more visual drama.

Motion and time are rendered visible, graphically revealing the latent rhythms and patterns of the material world while tracing the camera’s navigation through it. My interest also lies in process: how to balance the chaos of a moving camera with the control gained over patient experimentation.

I am concerned with what motion reveals about the quality of a light source: does it flicker or vibrate, does it intersect with other lights, does it reveal an architectural shape or obscure it? This exploration of motion also comments on the nature of human perception by making visible the details that our eyes see but our brains filter out.

In this evolution of the series, I am “Dissecting” the images into smaller pieces to explore how they interact with themselves and bring to life a new kind of motion.


カメラを持つ手を素早く振り動かすことで、Motion Studiesシリーズは作られています。ストリートフォトが主な被写体で、露出度やシャッタースピードを変化させています。私の手そのものは固定されつつ、走っている電車に乗りながら同様にシャッターを切る、という作品もあります。ほとんどが夜に様々な街の灯りを捉え、できるだけデジタル処理を避けて制作しています。数多くの写真を撮り、手のわずかな動きや露出の度合いを変えることでどのようなビジュアルストーリーが作り出されれるかを常に模索してしています。物質化社会に潜むリズムやパターン(=ムーブメントと時間)を、カメラのナビゲーションにより可視化しています。